Summer Brings More Demand for DC to NYC Door-to-Door Car Services

The demand for our door-to-door Black Car/SUV service between Washington, DC and the metropolitan New York City area has been skyrocketing.  Since the Amtrak derailment back in May, awareness of our service has spread and clients are now referring their friends and family members to our service.  Many people also take advantage of our discounted rate on weekdays traveling on Mondays to Thursdays.

Our clients never cease to surprise us with how they use our services!  Here are a few examples:

  • A client who had a late meeting on Capitol Hill needed to be in NYC very early in the morning for a broadcast network morning show appearance.  We left Capitol Hill at 12:30AM for a trip to the studios in Manhattan
  • A client was entertaining guests at a box at Nationals Park for a night game, but needed to be back in Manhattan that night.  We left Nats Park at 9:30PM and drove directly to Manhattan
  • We’ve done one-day round trips from DC to NYC so that family members can attend a Broadway Show and also have a nice lunch
  • A client with a family of five was flying into Washington Dulles at 5PM but their flight to LaGuardia that night was cancelled.  We picked them up at Dulles at 5:30PM and we arrived in Lower Manhattan in East Village at 10:05PM so that they could attend a real estate closing the next morning
  •  On St. Patrick’s Day, we met an Irish gentlemen and his son at the conclusion of the parade in NYC at 5:45PM and drove directly to another event in Washington DC and made it in time for a 10PM event
  • We’ve helped several families with loved ones needing to make one-day trips medical appointments, sometimes requiring several stops at various doctors over a few hours in either DC or in NYC
  • One client who was a widow of a West Point graduate, arranged DC to New York transportation for her and two of her late-husband’s widower classmates for a 55th year reunion of their class at West Point.
  • A family in Northern Virginia arranged transportation for their elderly parents and grandparents, who are in their 80’s, for a family visit for a week
  • For a bride in Maryland, we brought her elderly parents from their apartment on the Upper East Side door-to-door to the wedding venue in Rockville, so they could spend a week with family members and attend the wedding
  • For a company that makes and sells weekly food delivery plans, we provided transportation for their kitchen and marketing crew from NYC to Washington DC for an appearance on a network morning TV show.  They brought a cooler of fresh foods, all of their cooking utensils including kitchen knives and a huge watermelon that traveled with us, buckled in the front passenger seat
  • For a New York-based photographer, we traveled door-to-door with all of her equipment for a photo shoot in Washington DC
  • For a conference in Bethesda, the event promoter scheduled door-to-door transportation from East Hampton, New York for their Pulitzer Prize-winning keynote speaker who is 86 years old and can’t travel in crowds for health reasons
  • For a CEO of a successful startup company, we have provided round-trip door-to-door services from Manhattan to Washington for his keynote or panel appearances
  • For an Emmy-nominated film producer, we have provided door-to-door services after a late-night Emmy-related event in New York City for a morning meeting in Washington with cable network executives
  • For International travelers flying into JFK, but with their transfer flight to Dulles canceled, we have provided door-to-door service from JFK to Dulles International Airport (IAD)
  • For an economic development organization for a nation abroad on a marketing tour in the US, we transported their event team and large booth supplies from New York City to Washington DC for trade show events in both cities
  • Some of our mobility-challenged clients like begin able to travel door-to-door without having to navigate crowded Penn Station or LaGuardia without having to deal with luggage, stairs, crowds, taxis, subways, and hassles.
  • Many more stories like these!

Sometimes, these customers actually write Yelp reviews on their experiences with us.  You can read those here.

Write your own story!  Contact us at or by phone, 1-844-385-5372,  to arrange our popular door-to-door private Black Car or SUV transportation between Washington DC and New York and surrounding areas.