Door-to-Door Car Service Between Washington DC and New York City/Manhattan

Manhattan Skyline - New York City


Door-to-Door private car service from Washington DC to New York City can save you time, money and headaches!

NEW: You Can Now Book Trips between NY and DC online! Of course you can still call our reservation line at 1-844-DULLESCOACH (1-844-385-5372) or email us at

An Amtrak Acela ticket between Washington Union Station and New York Penn Station runs around $300 each way for business class and almost $450+ for first class.

If you are lucky, the Acela trip between DC and NYC can take just over 3 hours, but recently, between track work, weather, and incidents along the way, the Acela can just sit there on the track between stations.  And then there is the wait in the taxi line out in front of Penn Station.  By the time you get to your destination, you’ve spent an extra hour or two just getting to and from the train stations, and that’s if everything goes according to plan.

Amtrak WiFi coverage is “spotty” at best, governed down to a pretty slow speed (just forget about uploading, downloading, or emailing large files, or watching a YouTube video – that’s restricted!) and typically goes OUT when you go through the stations, like in Baltimore and Philadelphia.

And how many supposedly private telephone conversations have you overheard, not to mention the annoying nonsense calls by fellow passengers that seem to last for hours about absolutely nothing.

Why not try door-to-door executive car service from Dulles Coach Services between Washington DC and New York City?  The trip takes just under 4 hours in light to moderate traffic.  You’ll enjoy high-speed broadband WiFi the entire trip (without outages) and you’ll be free to take and make telephone or conference calls in complete privacy.

Our luxury sedans and SUVs keep all of your devices powered up and online, and you’ll enjoy door-to-door service, even in the most inclement weather.  Three riders can enjoy the spacious luxury accommodations in a sedan and up to five riders can enjoy an SUV trip with lots of elbow and leg room.

For two or more travelers, executive car or SUV service is more economical than Acela Northeast Service and either the US Airways or Delta Shuttle services, and NO MORE GETTING STUCK AT LA GUARDIA!

Service is also available to or from Washington, DC to Baltimore, Maryland, DC to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, DC to Wilmington, Delaware, or DC to Newark, New Jersey! [09/28/2014 – We now provide these door-to-door service for 47 cities!]

For information about our door-to-door car services between Washington DC and New York City/Manhattan or points between, just give us a call at 1-844-DULLESCOACH, send us an email to, or you can check our availability and book online by clicking here.