No More Ubers at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Last week, Uber discontinued its “flat fare” pricing to and from Washington Dulles International Airport from anywhere inside the Capital Beltway, reverting back to its customary per mile plus per minute rates.  An UberBlack trip from Dulles Airport to Capitol Hill used to be a $90 flat fare, now it could be $128, depending on traffic.  And that’s without a surge premium.

They did not announce, though, that they no longer show available UberBlack and UberX cars at Dulles Airport on the Uber app.  The closest Ubers that are shown available are in Herndon, Virginia, on the East side of Highway 28, Sully Road, now at least 5 minutes away.  You can still order an Uber from Dulles Airport on the app, you just have to wait until one arrives.

For the past several months, a growing number of UberX drivers, anxious to pick up “pings” at Dulles, have clogged the departure and arrival decks, blending in with regular people who arrive at the airport to pick up their loved ones.  Black cars with “For Hire” plates that linger on the decks are quickly shooed away by MWAA police and traffic officers, but the UberX cars have a built-in “cloaking” mechanism: They look like any other passenger vehicle, without commercial plates or other markings.  That’s because that’s what they are, personal vehicles used for commercial purposes.

“For Hire” vehicles that pick up or discharge passengers at Washington Dulles International Airport or at Reagan National Airport, and throughout the Metro DC area have been traditionally regulated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission (WMATC).  In order to obtain “operating authority” from WMATC, vehicles must have appropriate commercial registration and state vehicle plates, current state inspections, and be physically inspected by WMATC, a process that can literally take 6 months.   Operators must also obtain and maintain commercial liability insurance of $1.5 million in coverage, much higher than carriers who operate solely in their home state, such as Virginia, Maryland, or the District. The WMATC jurisdiction does specifically exclude trips which begin and end in Virginia, even if the pickup or dropoff is at Dulles.

This regulatory framework goes back to the 1960’s when Dulles Airport was built on remote farmland way out in Loudoun County.

Our Dulles Coach Services clients are not affected by this change in Uber services.   We meet our clients,  as scheduled,  when their flights arrive. Our drivers track flight schedules in real-time, and time our arrival at Dulles passenger pickup when our client is walking out of the door from baggage claim.  Perfect, customized client pickup without randomness, or surprises.

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